Nicholas Crow – Heimskir – Human Kellid – Raptorscale tribe – Inquisitor (sanctified slayer) of Gorum – The inspiration to become an inquisitor came in a dream, where he saw the Iron Lord struck down because of his inaction. Heimskir has traveled south to several different nations and only recently return home to Skalisro. Was a hunter prior to taking up the mantle of Gorum. Chaotic Neutral (Gorum)

Nik Moore – Bjorn – Human Ulfen – Bar1/Bra1/Ftr4 – mother was Kellid warrior from Skelisro, father was Ulfen warrior. Bhorn is 25 years old, and has been here most of his life, but did spend 7 years travelling/raiding with his father, mostly fighting witches to the west in raids on Irissen. He has also done some fighting on the Belkzen border – Chaotic Neutral (Gorum)

Michael – Kathos – ½-orc Barbarian – Raptorscale tribe – Kathos is a 1/2 orc, one of many that are a result of the conflict with the Hold of Belkzen. He was a hunter whose mentor was killed. He flew into a rage that day and discovered his innate power. Has not traveled much, mostly between home and the border with Belkzen where he has been a respected warrior. However, there are those in the military who think he is an orc and should be killed. – Chaotic Neutral (Gorum)

John Greene – Hovvarrd – Human Kellid Oracle of Life – local bloodspeaker – Nethys – True Neutral

Brittany – Ashildr – Human Kellid – Warpriest of Urgathoa (neutral evil) – local – has spent some time on the frontlines at Belkzen

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